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Spring is springing in Texas!

Spring is springing in Texas! That means it is time to plant your vegetable garden! Do you have a picky eater? One of the best known ways to get your child to eat a bigger variety of vegetables is to involve them in the process of growing and cooking them! In Texas we have the luxury, this year especially, of growing summer veggies in the spring! In fact, our best season for gardening is now, before the summer heat really sets in. We are likely done with freezes (did we even have one this year?) so you can plant those tender seedlings from the nursery or Home Depot and get ready to grow! You can involve the kids with choosing the variety, planting the seeds, tending to them as they grow then picking them when they are ready! It is fun and exciting to see them grow! An alternative to this is to start patronizing our local farmer’s market! Have you ever been there? They have many varieties of fruits and veggies to choose from (I bought a baseball squash there once!) You can make it a challenge for your kids to pick a different fruit or veggie each time you go then get on Pinterest or your favorite recipe website and let them help choose then make the recipe with you! The more involved they are in the process, the more likely they are to try something new! Of course if you have any concerns about your child’s eating habits, the best time to do this is at a well child checkup, so be sure to give us a call and we can schedule that for you! Now get outside and GROW (but don’t forget your sunscreen…)!   

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