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The Common Cold

‘Tis the season for the Common Cold! Many of us are parents or family of young children, and are familiar with the runny noses and aching ears of the winter months. As adults we try to press on through the nuisance that a cold brings us, but the common cold can really be quite uncomfortable for the little ones. Especially in infants and newborns, a cold can bring extreme discomfort.

Among some of the symptoms gifted to us by the common cold is congestion. This can do several things, such as making it difficult to breathe or introducing pressure in the sinuses that often cause headaches and earaches. A sore throat is another symptom, usually caused by nasal drip, that can be part of a cold. This of course is in addition to the coughing, sneezing, and sometimes even a mild fever we all know and dread.

While a cold can last quite a while, it is important that you get immediate emergency medical attention if your child runs a high fever or is having difficulty breathing. It can also be difficult to know if your child’s earache is a symptom of a cold, or an ear infection. That is when you may need to schedule an appointment with New Braunfels Pediatrics.

The Common Cold is spread through germs that can get passed by contact or through the air. If anyone in your family is sick, be sure they catch those coughs and sneezes with a tissue and wash their hands. Putting your hands up to your face is also a common way to catch the cold, especially after direct contact with another person, so you may need to be extra aware of those habits this time of year.

During this year’s cold season, be sure to help your little ones prevent this illness by frequently washing their hands with warm water and soap. For your school bound kids, you may want to remind them to find time to wash their hands, especially before lunch and after group activities. Sharing is great, but not when it comes to the Common Cold!


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A. Noonan, PharmD, RPh., New Braunfels, TX